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New Yorkers often carry their life in a single bag. Ambling the city streets with a laptop, water bottle, their first born child, and the remnants of lunch, they balance efficiency and up to fifteen pounds on their backs. But this also brings risk...what happens when your stickered, trusty water bottle explodes on your laptop? And the same DAY as you're scheduled to give a major presentation to your group on Zoom? Or worse, in PERSON? 

WeRentLaptops is your godsend, New York. Located in the East Village, we provide same day pick up service, or take advantage of our courier for curbside delivery. See our laptops in person and witness for yourself our selection of digital supremacy. Our laptops are always up to date and ready to serve you without hesitation. 



Our prices are competitive. We offer week-long rates for a quick project and longer-term rates to keep your cost down. After 20 years in the business, we know the value of our long-term clients.

Long-Term Rentals

Starting a business? Taking a new course? Ask us about our long-term rental options and deals.

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